About xPlane

xPlane is a new tool that allows you to find out about exactly what kind of aircraft from Heathrow fly over your location, when and how often.

This adds to our other map-based tools, Webtrak and Webtrak ‘My Neighbourhood’, to provide you with more information about the planes using Heathrow’s flight paths.

So how do all these tools work, and what are they for?


While WebTrak is a great tool for finding out about individual flights and for playing back flights that fly into and out of Heathrow, it doesn’t give you a sense of how that location differs over time.

WebTrak My Neighbourhood

WebTrak My Neighbourhood is a great way to see longer term trends in air traffic around Heathrow, but doesn’t show you precisely what flew above you at your exact location.


With xPlane, you give us your postcode and we give you details about what flew above you.

Try it now.