xPlane allows you find out information about air traffic above your location. To do this we need some information.

Where do you live?

Please provide the postcode for the location where you want to analyse Heathrow flights. Select the location when xPlane suggests a match for your postcode.

xPlane provides you information on all Heathrow traffic that enters the “Home Zone”. Think of the home zone as an inverted cone around the location. It’s presented as two circles on the map; the ground radius and the uppermost radius (dashed circle).

By setting the ground radius you determine the distance at which aircraft are considered to be near the location.

What day or days do you want to look at?

xPlane allows you to review the Heathrow flights that flew near the location for up to seven days. The direction planes fly at Heathrow depends on the direction of the wind. The directions used are referred to as Easterly and Westerly operations. The flights near a location change depending on the operating direction. The chart shows operating direction using the colour of the bars.

Select a date using the calendar control and pick the number of days to review.


Filter OperationsGate InformationAbove YouCommon Aircraft & Airlines

You can use these controls to limit the operations that are considered in the analysis.

Altitude Range

You can use this to restrict the altitude range that is included in the presentations for aircraft that are near the location.

Time-of-day Range

Aircraft operations can be more noticeable at quiet times of the day. You can focus on operations during a particular part of the day here.

Operation Types

Depending on where you live, you may be affected more by arrivals or departures. You can filter these here.

Aircraft Size & Weight

Using this filter allows you to focus the presentations on particular aircraft sizes (e.g. Super Heavy aircraft such as the A380).

Gate Penetrations

The Gate is a vertical slice through the home zone that allows you to see how Heathrow flights are distributed as they pass through the gate. Using the control below you can change the angle of the gate around the location.

Each marker on the chart represents an aircraft passing through the gate. You can see their altitude and distance from the location. You can select how the markers are coloured to get more insight into the flights near the location. You can zoom in by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse over the area you want to zoom on.

The following charts provide information on the Heathrow operations that flew near the location. You can see how close the flights got, the amount of time they spent near you, how they are distributed throughout the day and the runways they used.

How close did aircraft get?

This graph shows the closest each aircraft in the data set got to the location.

“Slant” refers to the distance described by a line from the ground at the home location to the aircraft in the sky.

“Lateral” refers to the distance described by a line from the ground at the home location to the point on the ground directly below the aircraft.

Common Aircraft & Airlines

The table allows you to see the airlines and aircraft that commonly operated near the location.

Count of Operations by Minimum Altitude

Hover over the diagram to see the number and altitude of aircraft over your home.